November 14, 2018
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Mahinda-Deshapriya-Strengthen-Election-RulesCOLOMBO (News 1st) – Sources from the Elections Commission confirm the gazette notification containing the list elected member of the local government bodies is due to be issued today.

The gazette notification will include 25{79c225fedc3240dfd6fe3ffcc18d5b4799044a70c6e11ed4fd1429e5ecbb396b} of female representation as required by the Elections Commission. The Commission reports that 535 females have been elected for local government bodies at the divisional level. In addition to that 1,991 females will be appointed through the extra lists. However, the commission sources point out that the requirement of 25{79c225fedc3240dfd6fe3ffcc18d5b4799044a70c6e11ed4fd1429e5ecbb396b} of female representation is not met at 15 local government bodies from the Northern and Eastern Provinces. In the recently held local government election, 8,690 members were elected in total.

Faizer Mustapha, the Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government says the elected members are due to assume duties on the 20th of this month.

The deadline for issuing the gazette notification was earlier noted as 3rd March. However, due to the delay of submission of the member lists, the gazette notification date was extended by the Election Commission.


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