November 14, 2018
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vesak-a vesak-b vesak-c vesak-dA large number of  Holy Veask lanterns depicting the Birth, the Enlightment  and the Parinibbana of Lord Buddha were switched Batticaloa zone   last evening (13)

The Vesak lanterns at  Lady Manning Drive close the Batticaloa lagoon was illuminated by Eastern Province Senior DIG Sumith Edirisinghe. The Veask lanterns from the Police divisions of Trincimalee, Kantalai , Ampara and Batticaloa  in the Eastern Province were kept on display the Vesak Zone extending from the Police round about, to the Koddaimunai Bridge and Kallady Bridge. The public enjoying the season until 14 May.

A good number of foreign visitors too enjoyed viewing the illuminated lanterns. Police women travelled from place to place sang Bakthi Gee within the Vesak Zone as well as the main junction of the town. Very large number of Dansalas distributed refreshments, Ice cream and drinks under the guidance of the public health inspectors. A large number of sight seers enjoying the season.

Batticaloa Ampara DIG Yagoda Arachchi, SSP, Batticaloa Saman Yattawera, SP, Batticaloa Keerthi Retna and Religious leaders were also present.

Sivam Packiyanathan


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