November 14, 2018
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If the country is to prosper students should advance in their studies said President Maithripala Sirisena.

He was speaking at the centennial celebration of the Oddamavadi Central College National School where he declared open the new administrative block yesterday (29).

He further said that in conjunction with the Central Province education development measures are being taken to improve the education stranded of the  Eastern province but the student should benefit from that.

People who do not like  the peaceful Sri Lanka creating problems.  Suddenly their making use of a Buddha stature or a Kovil or a Mosque to create problems. Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Muslims religious do not preach any contradictions. It is the trouble makers who bring up   these issues and create problems of the country.

Extremists are conspiring to destabilize the peaceful life of the people. In this small country Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Muslims faiths must live amicably. Religious leaders should get to gather and work towards this. From the stranded the Eastern Province lagging behind in education though the North &East were affected by conflict North has improved in education.

Education Minister Akilaviraj Kariyavasam, Chief Minister Eastern Province Habiz Nazeer Ahamed, State Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Provincial Councilors graced the occasion.


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