October 24, 2018
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Mussel is a well known shell food delicacy in  Batticaloa District. It abounded in the Batticaloa lagoon especially in Periya Kallar, Koddai Kallar and Onthachchimadam. From 1978 following the cyclone and the 2004 Tsunami the production of mussel  has been dwindling. Presently due to fear of crocodile in the Batticaloa lagoon diving for mussel  has lessened.


This mussel was a much sought after food by both locals and foreigners. Processing oyster for food is a family occupants eagerly waited by the members of the family.


Burning the shells of the mussel gave out and offensive odour, yet the people it not suffer any kind of infective diseases from that offensive smile. Livelihood of mussel diving fishermen those depending of the harvest of oyster has been very badly affected.The diving fishermen complaining to that their economic condition has worsened.


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