November 14, 2018
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The unguarded Railway level crossing employees staged a demonstration in front of the Batticaloa Railway Station requesting permanent appointment with slogans and placards yesterday (19).

Last 4 years they have been in employment but have not been made permanent. At the month they are being paid at the rate of Rupees 250 per day for 30 days only.

Unguarded Railway level crossing gates in the Batticaloa district number 27 each employee 3 guards altogether 72 not coming under the Department of Railway.

They are putting forward the following requests

They were recruited under the 100 days programme providing permanency in 6 months time, They are compel to work for 8 hours a day, they are not informed of the departure and arrival times of trains, they do not have the facility of a torch for work at night, some of the railway crossings are damaged and not repaired, they are not given a leave for religious festivals and we do not get any concession like government servants.

Finally they submitted their memorandum the HQI, Batticaloa M.M.G.D. Digawatura for onwards transmission the IGP.


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