November 14, 2018
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Former Chief Secretary Eastern Province S. Mamangaraja has been selected as President Civil Society Batticaloa  District at a meeting held at Rotary Club hall, Pioneer Road, Batticaloa yesterday (30).

The Civil Society compromise Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Muslim religious leaders and leading intellectuals in the Batticaloa district.

The Vice President Commissioner of Inland Revenue Eastern Province M. Ganesharaja was presided over the meeting.

Former Dean Arts Faculty E U S L Dr. Varnakulasingam was elected as secretary, At-At-Law M. Uwaiz  as joint secretary, Senior Bank Manager S. Saravanapawan as treasurer. Former Retired Batticaloa District Government Agent S. Punniyamoorthy and Commissioner of Inland Revenue M. Ganesharaja were elected were elected Vice President and 17 committee members were selected.civil-a civil-b


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