November 14, 2018
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Production of cashew has dropped by 95 percent in Batticaloa district

Apr 26, 2017 0


Due to the lack of rain and severe drought the production of cashew has dropped by 95 percent in Batticaloa district said District Manager, Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation Nitharsan.

Though 8000 acres major cultivation in Arayampathy, Koralai Pattu, Eravur Pattu , Manmunai South & Eruvil Pattu secretarial division in the Batticaloa district has been planted with cashew the yield has been very poor.

The financial plight of the cashew producers and cashew processing family headed women reveal their grievances regarding the situation of the cashew cultivation

The producers had been very badly affected the present price of roasted cashew Rupees 2600 per kilo will increased.

The production and selling of cashew are affected by this steep rise in prices and are unable to meet the requirement of the local and foreign tourist visiting Batticaloa.


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An awareness cycle tour reached in Batticaloa

Apr 18, 2017 0

pirabakaran-a pirabakaran-b(Sivam)

Tharmalingam Prathaban of Vavuniya organized an awareness cycle tour urging the government to grand pension all those above 60 years of age.

This cycle tour which begun on last Saturday (08) in Vavuniya reach Batticaloa Gandhi Park via Colombo yesterday (16). 

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Do not exceed controlled price for rice – Government

Apr 7, 2017 0

The government will not permit a price increase of local and imported rice which is under price control.

The government gave permission to import rice with tax concessions as the country experienced a drought during January. Accordingly, 217,000 metric tons of rice was imported. The time period for tax concessions has been extended from 31st March to 31st May.


Though the tax concession has been extended, the government has not permitted the sale of rice exceeding the controlled price.


The Maximum Retail Price for an imported kilo of Samba rice is Rs. 80, while a kilo of Nadu rice is Rs. 72 and a kilo of Kekulu rice is Rs. 70.

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Four Dengue fatalities and 1576 cases have been recorded in Batticaloa

Apr 5, 2017 0


The Director Batticaloa teaching Hospital Dr. M.S. Ibralebbai stated that up to now 4 fatalities and 1576 cases of Dengue have been recorded its depicting the lack of knowledge to the people on how to prevent and eradicating Dengue breeding places and its very regret.

The previous month of March alone recorded 750 cases of Dengue while last year only 501 cases of Dengue were recorded.


While effort must be to contain the spread of the Dengue mosquitoes, house holders must not depend on the hospitals to fight Dengue they must fight Dengue in their dwellings places and environments.

If the Dengue fever contains by around one or two months serious consequences will follow. The Health Authorities and the people must take these matters seriously.

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A hand book handing over to education institutions in Batticaloa

Apr 5, 2017 0


A hand book on how to prevent crime has been released by the Batticaloa Police and copies have been distributed to Universities, College of Education, Teachers Training Colleges and Schools by the SSP, Coordinator for community affairs in the Eastern province yesterday (04).

The Assistant Director A.P. Naleem of  the National Apprentice  Authority , Vantharumoolai too has been a recipient of this hand book so that all Vocational Training schools will be made aware of this.Some of the topics described in the hand book are the dangers emanating on the use of Drugs, Traffic Rules and Regulations and prevention of accidents.

The SSP speaking on the occasion said that the idea in living this hand book to the younger generation is to build a drug free, crime free and law abiding communities in the future.

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Employment seeking motor cycle protest held in Batticaloa

Apr 4, 2017 0

(Sivam) On the 42 day of protesters the unemployed graduates Batticaloa district staged an employment seeking motor cycle protesting from Gandhi Park , Batticaloa  to Vantharumoolai along the Batticaloa-Trincomalee high way Today (03).

Protesters of both sexes carried their graduation certificates, placard protesting against the government and black flags during the procession.

The President of the unemployed graduates Batticaloa district union T. Kishanth  said that there protest had not any response from the government therefore they have staged the motor cycle demonstration.

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Pellian re remanded

Apr 4, 2017 0


The TMVP party leader and former Eastern Provincial Councilor
Sivanesadurai Chandrakanthan  including four suspects involved in the
murder of Batticaloa District T N A parliamentarian late Joseph
Pararajasingam have been further  remanded till 17 April  2017.

The Batticaloa  Magistrate M. Ganesharaja  made this order
when the President TMVP party and former Eastern Provincial Councilor
Sivanesadurai Chandrakanthan , Former National Coordinator TMVP party
and Eastern Provincial Councilor Edwin Silwa Krishnanantharaja , K.
Kanaganayagam and Army Intelligent officer M. Kaleel  were produced
before him  yesterday (03).

Joseph Pararajasingam was shot dead on 25.12. 2005 during the  festive
Mass of Christmas celebration. The C I D have been investigated this
murder and arrested Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan on 11.10.2015.

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