July 20, 2018
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US Embassy Delegates Call at SFHQ-MLT

Jan 13, 2018 0

The Deputy Head of the Political Wing at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka, Mr Patric Tillou and Political Officer, Sean Ruthe during a tour to the Mullaittivu had a courtesy meeting with the Commander, Security Forces – Mullaittivu (SF-MLT) Major General Dushyantha Rajaguru at the Security Force Headquarters -Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) on Thursday (11).

During the cordial meeting, both of them exchanged views on general matters of interest and prevailing peaceful environment in Mullaittivu area.army-a army-b


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TNA is a curse that had befallen on the Tamil people

Jul 3, 2017 0

The TNA is a curse that had befallen on the Tamil people of Sri Lanka

The year 2004 was one of the most crucial periods in the history of Sri Lanka. Lot of tragic events had taken place before 2004 and many followed after that. But 2004 becomes a land mark in our history. A Golden opportunity that came on our way, to ease the prevailing tense situation in the country and to find a solution, was regrettably missed due to mishandling of the opportunity that came to us. It now appears as if the Tamil National Alliance is a curse that had befallen on our country and our people. Taraki’s views virtually confirms mine. In his article dated 11th Feb, 2004 he says,   “The Tamil National Alliance has been made out to be more than what it actually is. If not for a variety of external pressures, it would have imploded at inception. Contrary to the chief myth about the TNA that it is managed by the Liberation Tigers some of its leading politicians have had no scruples in running with the hare and hunting with the hound. They have no scruples in smartly exploiting the LTTE for their own political advantage. If you ask me, some of them wouldn’t even care two hoots for the struggles and aspirations of the Tamil people”. He had also said, The attempt to portray TULF President Anandasangaree as the villain of the piece is very wrong. At least the man speaks his mind”.

The country was in great turmoil for more than three decades. Violence was the order of the day. Armed struggle was going on. Leading politicians had been assassinated by unidentified armed groups. One could not predict as to what will happen to him or her or to the country or to any ethnic group. It was not safe to walk on the streets or travel by bus or even by train. Above all the most valued democracy, the Tamil community had been enjoying for generations, completely got devastated to the extent of electing Members of Parliament under threat, intimidation and impersonation. Up to now, democracy has not been brought back to its past glory in the Tamil community. This is the stage at which, irrespective of their ethnicity, everyone wanted the situation that was prevailing in the country, to vanish. A group of several Tamil organizations such as civil societies, University students, academics, media persons, some political parties and many such others, wanted to bring back the much needed peace in the country, for all the people. According to Taraki Sivaram “These lobbies felt that all Tamil parties and groups in the northeast should be brought under one Tamil national umbrella regardless of their deep divisions and regardless of their long association with the military and allegations of rights abuses”. The LTTE too seem to have agreed for this proposal.

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Eastern Province main Holy Vesak Zone in Batticaloa town

May 15, 2017 0

vesak-a vesak-b vesak-c vesak-dA large number of  Holy Veask lanterns depicting the Birth, the Enlightment  and the Parinibbana of Lord Buddha were switched Batticaloa zone   last evening (13)

The Vesak lanterns at  Lady Manning Drive close the Batticaloa lagoon was illuminated by Eastern Province Senior DIG Sumith Edirisinghe. The Veask lanterns from the Police divisions of Trincimalee, Kantalai , Ampara and Batticaloa  in the Eastern Province were kept on display the Vesak Zone extending from the Police round about, to the Koddaimunai Bridge and Kallady Bridge. The public enjoying the season until 14 May.

A good number of foreign visitors too enjoyed viewing the illuminated lanterns. Police women travelled from place to place sang Bakthi Gee within the Vesak Zone as well as the main junction of the town. Very large number of Dansalas distributed refreshments, Ice cream and drinks under the guidance of the public health inspectors. A large number of sight seers enjoying the season.

Batticaloa Ampara DIG Yagoda Arachchi, SSP, Batticaloa Saman Yattawera, SP, Batticaloa Keerthi Retna and Religious leaders were also present.

Sivam Packiyanathan

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A May Day rally organized by the Tamil Makkal Veduthalai Puligal political party in Batticaloa

May 2, 2017 0


A May Day rally organized by the Tamil Makkal Veduthalai Puligal political party took place at Batticaloa yesterday (01).

The procession marched began with Deputy Secretary of the TMVP party Abirakam  Gyeorge Pillai  from the TMVP party office via Hospital Road up to Batticaloa town clock tower and back to the meeting venue at opposite of Batticaloa CTB bus stand. The meeting presided over by the Deputy Leader of TMVP party K. Yogaverl.


unnamed (8)

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Mat Day rally of the three Wheeler Drivers’ Welfare Union of Kattankudy

May 2, 2017 0


The Three Wheeler Drivers’ Welfare Union of Kattankudy organized a May Day rally procession began at the Kattankudy Police station and proceed to Kattankudy beach yesterday (01). Eastern provincial Councilor Shipley Farook, OIC Kattankudy Police W.Wethagethara and others participating  the procession along the Batticaloa- Kalmunai high Way.The May Day meeting was held at Kattankudy beach.

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A child died on the spot when a wall fall on her at Eravur

Apr 30, 2017 0

mathil-a chenkalady-c(Sivam)

A 7-year-old child Shanmugaraja Charukka of 4th division Theater Road, Eravur died on the spot when a wall in the house collapsed on her said Eravur Police yesterday (29).

The incident had occurred when the victim and her brother were playing. The wall is supposed to have been built four days ago. The injured child was pronounced dead on admission to the Eravur Hospital said Medical Supperindent Eravur Hspital Dr. M.S.M. Thareek.

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Medical equipment for Arayampathy divisional hospital

Apr 26, 2017 0


The Rotary International and the Australian medical aid organization in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Batticaloa donated medical equipment worth Rupees 20 million to the Arayampathy divisional hospital yesterday (23).

District medical Officer, Arayampathy divisional hospital Dr. S.F. Almedha accepted the gifts on behalf of the hospital. Before the presentation of the gifts the visiting donors toward the hospital to see for themselves the needs and urgent requirements of the institution and visited the patients.

Nebulizers, incinerators, body coolers, scanners, equipment of various tests were among of the items donated. The President of the Batticaloa Rotary Club Rtn.S.Pusparaja presided over the handing over ceremony which was attended by DG.Rtn. Natrajan Nagoji as the chief guest, PDG.Rtn.Ravi Raman (RC Madras Coromandal) anf team Dhanvanthri from India as guests of honour.

unnamed (6) unnamed (7)

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Two persons severely injured in an accident at Vavunativu

Apr 26, 2017 0


Two persons were severely injured when the motor cycle collided head on with a three wheeler at Vavunativu along the Ayethiyamalai- Vavunativu high way in the Vavunativu Police area yesterday (25).

The injured had been admitted to the Batticaloa Teaching Hospital while the three wheeler severely damaged due to the careless driving the three wheeler. The Driver of the three wheeler  who is alleged to have been under the influence of liquor has been arrested.

The Vavunativu Police is conducting further inquiries.

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