December 11, 2018
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N V Q Certificates awarding ceremony

Jul 3, 2017 0


The unemployed youths of North and East affected by the 30-year conflict assisted to be gainfully occupied and earn a living said the Chief Executive Officer for the EU in Sri Lanka and Maldives Libeeyus Shokubova.

She was speaking at the certificates awarding ceremony presided over by District Deputy Director General of National Apprentice Board was held at Devanayagam Hall, Batticaloa yesterday (28).

Youths in Batticaloa District  who had successfully completed the Vocational Training Centers conducted by the National Apprentice Board of Sri Lanka.

300 youths trained in the 14 Vocational Training Centers got their NVQ certificates on the occupation. The National Apprentice Board conducted these courses with the help of the EU and the Internal Labour Organization ( IL O) 45 courses of studies including National Technical Skills, Heavy Vehicle Drivers and modern garment designing were conducted.

She further said that 30-year war a course like this has been conducted successfully and we have to be proud of it. The courses of study are geared to the requirements of the market without these job oriented courses passing general education courses will not give you employment opportunities.

Job opportunities are their skilled personal therefore Students should acquire these skills in order to gets jobs. Therefore youths make use of the resources available at these Vocational Training Centers and increase their skills in order to gain employment.

Director General, National Apprentice Board Sulangani Perera and Batticaloa Government Agent P.S.M. Charles participated and handed over the certificates.


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Lying stone function in kadukkamunai Vani vidyalaya

Jun 28, 2017 0

Lying stone function was held on 28.06.2017 in kadukkamunai Vani vidyalaya for upstair building.

Zonal Director of education Ahila kanagasooriyam was chief quest for this event and Divisional education officer N.Thayaseelan Participated in this event.











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A protest and demonstration held at Kokkaddichcholai

May 16, 2017 0

students-aA protest and demonstration by the students of Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Kokkaddichcholai was staged at the entrance of the school yesterday (15).

Their complaint is that certain teachers are misbehaving with the children and all representation made to the principal have not been acted on.

The protesters demand that particular 2 teachers be legally dealt with in addition photographs of certain student have been posted on social media and the people responsible to so that should be apprehended.

The Kokkaddichcholai Police who visited the scene of the protest said that they will inquire about the face book posting. Manmunai South West Divisional Education Director N. Thayaseelan requested the protesters give their demands in writing so that he could take further action.

Sivam Packiyanathan

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The annual chariot procession of St, Sebastian’s church, Puliyadikuda,

May 15, 2017 0

The annual chariot procession of St, Sebastian’s church, Puliyadikuda, Batticaloa was held Saturday evening (14). After the Vespers the candle light procession from the church wended its way along New Kalmunai Road, Baily Cross Road, Sinna Uppodai Road, Bar Road, Pionrre Road and Lady Manning Road.

Sivam Packiyanathan



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Children and women Bureau opened at vakarai Police

Apr 26, 2017 0


To reduce the violence aganist childern and women a center  at a cost of 2 million Rupees a center for children and women Bureau has been opened at the Vakarai Police station yesterday (24).

This center has been funded by the EU and facilitated by UNICEF and Sarvodaya. This unit with deal child abuse, violence against women and child labours said OIC, Vakarai Police G.Y.A. Piyadasa.

Batticaloa and Ampara DIG Yogoda Arachchi who was present at opening ceremony as chief quest said that last year there  were 42 cases of child abuse and violence against women while this year only 7 have been recorded so far. This is a very good sign of the society responding to these two social ills.

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Grievances of diving fresh water fishermen in Batticaloa

Apr 26, 2017 0


Mussel is a well known shell food delicacy in  Batticaloa District. It abounded in the Batticaloa lagoon especially in Periya Kallar, Koddai Kallar and Onthachchimadam. From 1978 following the cyclone and the 2004 Tsunami the production of mussel  has been dwindling. Presently due to fear of crocodile in the Batticaloa lagoon diving for mussel  has lessened.


This mussel was a much sought after food by both locals and foreigners. Processing oyster for food is a family occupants eagerly waited by the members of the family.


Burning the shells of the mussel gave out and offensive odour, yet the people it not suffer any kind of infective diseases from that offensive smile. Livelihood of mussel diving fishermen those depending of the harvest of oyster has been very badly affected.The diving fishermen complaining to that their economic condition has worsened.


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Cool drinks to passersby at Gandhi Park, Batticaloa

Apr 19, 2017 0


To mark the 29th death anniversary commemoration of “ Annai Poopathi” the Batticaloa unemployed graduates who are on their 58th day of satyagraga asking for governing appointment distributed cool drinks to passersby at Gandhi Park yesterday (19).

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The Easter mid night Mass was held Puliyantivu, St, Mary’s cathedral

Apr 18, 2017 0

bishop-a bishop-b(Sivam)

The Easter mid night Mass was held Puliyantivu, St, Mary’s cathedral, Batticaloa. The procession of the new light and the blessing of the water with sold took place.

The con celebrated Mass His Lordship of the Bishop of Batticaloa  Rt, Rev. Dr. Joseph Ponniah, Vicar General and Parist priest of the church Rev. Fr. A. Davathasan and Assistant Parist Priest of the church Rev. Fr. Nigestran Peters.

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