March 17, 2018
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Tamil People’s Council should be dissolved immediately – Thurairajasingham

Jan 6, 2016 0


Eastern province Agriculture Minister and general secretary of Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) Mr.Kirishnapillai Thurairajasigham said that newly established Tamil People’s Council would be an obstacle in order to implement federal constitutional reform which was mandated by Tamil National Alliance to find a solution for the ethnic problem of Tamils.

He further mentioned that Tamil People’s Council should be dissolved without any delay and its members should join and work with TNA. TNA got people’s mandate for a federal constitutional reform during last elections. Minster stressed that meanwhile Tamil People’s Council is trying to draw a constitution without getting mandate from Tamil people.



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Seperate University for Trincomalee District

Jan 5, 2016 0



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Six months severe imprisonment to two people for having Ganja drugs

Jan 5, 2016 0


Two men were severe imprisoned for six month jail term in Batticaloa for having Ganja drugs. Both of them are from Kattankudy, Batticaloa.

They have been sentenced for six month severe imprisonment for having Ganja drugs. They had 5000mg Ganja drugs. For this reason they should pay Rs20000.00 for each as penalty.

And they should be jailed for six months for five year reservation.  The verdict was delivered by Batticaloa Magistrate Court Judge Manickawasagar Ganesaraja on the new year.

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Relatives of a deputy minister involve in land acquisition in Vakarai, Batticaloa

Dec 26, 2015

vakarai-aIt is known that some muslims have been involving in land acquisition last few days at Punanai East GS Division. It is located in Batticaloa – Colombo main road under the control of Koralaipattu North Vakarai Divisional Secretatriat. Some Muslims have been acquirng over 20 acres forest land which belongs to Srilankan state.

It is confirmed that these muslims are trying to occupy State owned lands by clearing forests in Punanai. Srilankan state announced this forest area is belonged to Srilankan forest department. Local people took this issue to the attention of Parliamentry Members of Tamil National Allaince and the authorities of Forest Department. But sofar related authorities have not taken any action against the land acquistion by Muslims in Punanai GS Division.

The Muslims who involves in land acquisition in Punanai are the close relatives of a deputy Minister of Batticaloa District. People request the related authorities to take immediate legal action against the muslims who involve in land acquisition in Punanai GS division of Vakarai.

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Former LTTE cadre, who lost his leg in the war, was attcked in Akkariapattu M.C market

Dec 25, 2015

porali-aSome unidentified people attacked on a former LTTE cadre who lost his one leg during the war. Former LTTE cadre and father of three children, 35 years man was threatened by unidentified group to leave from Akkaraipattu Municipal Council’s market.

He looks after his family by selling plastic goodss in Akkaraipattu M.C market for five years. He was released and reunited with his family in 2010. Since then he has been earning some money by selling plastic things in Akkaraipattu M.C market. His family depends on his earnings.

This incident was happened last Wednesday (23rd). An unidentified group attacked on him and threw his goods away. After this incident the affected former LTTE cadre made a complaint at his area police station. He lives at Vinayakapuram.

He was attacked by some other business men last 21st and they argued with him on racism. At the same time they threatened him to get out from market square. After that it was complained at Akkaraipattu police station. Next day police pacified them and allowed former LTTE cadre to do his business.

But after police left from that place the above mentioned former cadre was again attacked by unidentified people on 23rd Wednesday. Police is inquiring on this incident now.

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Legal action has been taken recently against some restaurants, shops and bakeries of Batticaloa M.C Area.

Dec 24, 2015

Legal action has been taken recently against some restaurants, hotels, shops and bakeries of Batticaloa M.C Area. These were inspected by Public Health Inspectors (PHI) in Batticaloa. PHIs have found that there were many unhygienic problems in some restaurants, hotels, shops and bakeries.

An unhealthy food can cause disease and infections that canpose serious risk to the health of an individual. Food poisoning leads to vomiting attimes spitting out blood, loose motions,extreme sweating, choking of the wind pipe,extreme stomach ache etc.

People give their own money but some the restaurants, bakeries and other shops cheat these people by produce unhygenic food. Every one should take care of their own health and complain about these unhygenic food sellers to the related authorities.

Infront of restaurants looks very beautiful and neat but the back of them are very unhygenic and untidy. battirest-aaa battirest-bb battirest-cc battirest-dd

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The number of unemployed youths is very high in Batticaloa District – Additional district Secretary S.Kiritharan

Dec 23, 2015

kiritharan-a“The number of unemployed youth is very high in our district than other areas. And there is plenty of employment opportunities in our district” Additional district Secretary
of Baticaloa District said.

He participated in an event in Batticaloa Manchathoduwai Technical College last Friday. The purpose of this event is to grant employment opportunities to youngsters of Batticaloa. This event was held with the sponsor of Batticaloa Berindina employment Centre. Additional  district Secretary S.Kiritharan was invited to this function as chief guest.

“There are over 150,000 unemployed youths in our district. They all have to depend on their parents and brothers. There is a scarcity on professional experts in sector wise. So that the professional from other districts are appointed to do jobs in Batticaloa. This is also a factor to the unemployment” S.Kiritharan further mentioned in his speech.

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