November 14, 2018
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Fasting unto death at Vavuniya

Jan 26, 2017 0

His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena


Presidential Secretariat

Colombo 1

vikkineswaran-aFasting unto death at Vavuniya

Your Excellency,

You may be aware of the Fast undertaken by the relatives of those who are Missing and those Political Prisoners in incarceration opposite Vavuniya Police Station. For the third day they have not consumed any water let alone food. Many are quite old and are now looking extremely tired. Soon they would get dehydrated. Unless something is done immediately we may lose the valuable lives of some of the Satyagrahis.

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President Sri Lanka Cricket selects Jaffna for a new Intl’ Cricket Stadium

Jan 17, 2017 0

cricket-aGiving every outstanding cricketer a “just and fair” opportunity to represent Sri Lanka is the underlying theme of Sri Lanka Cricket’s ambitious National Development Plan for 2017. To achieve this, the current SLC administration strongly believes that the development of the provincial cricket infrastructure and proper stadium facilities will uplift the standards of the school and local club cricket. This had been ignored by the authorities for many years and a carefully designed plan is underway to remedy these challenges in a professional manner. Out of the two ear-marked projects for this year, special attention is given for the proposed Jaffna International Cricket Stadium.

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Special Mass con celebrated at Our Lady of Presentation, Thandavanveli,

Jan 15, 2017 0

The Catholic Church has declared 2017 as the year of St, Joseph Vaz . The church of Our Lady of Presentation, Thandavanveli, Batticaloa marked the event with the Special Mass con celebrated by His Lordship the Bishop of Batticaloa Rt, Rev. Joseph Ponniah, Parish Priest of the church Rev. Fr. G. Alex Robert and Rev Fr. Ramesh Christy yesterday (15).

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Public ravels the facing problems are post conflict of in Batticaloa

Jan 14, 2017 0


A post conflict in Sri Lanka consultants strategic social assessment of the Northern and Eastern Province was held at Batticaloa Municipal Library Auditorium yesterday (13).

The participants were representatives of NGOs and civil society leaders. The World Bank conducted this symposium. The participants were divided in to four groups and reveals they facing the problems.

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Our Country is sure to face another disaster V. Anandasangaree,

Jan 11, 2017 0

Hon. Ranil Wickramasinge,

Prime Minister


My dear Prime Minister,

                                      Our Country is sure to face another disastersangari_a1

No one knows as to where the country is heading to, in the name of National Government. No one takes me seriously when I say something, based on my Sixty years of experience in politics. But I am positively sure that our country is heading towards another disaster.

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Drone journalism in Sri Lanka: Ethics, regulations and guidelines

Jan 10, 2017 0

camera-aThe use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) more commonly referred to as drones for commercial and private use has grown exponentially recently, and especially as restrictions around airspace have been relaxed after the end of the war. The Ministry is aware of footage taken by drones, by citizens as well as tourists visiting Sri Lanka, widely available across social media as online video platforms. We recognise that many events today in their promotional material or live coverage feature the use of drones, and we also note their use in health applications,precision agriculture practices (smart farming), the coverage of public rallies, the aftermath of natural disasters, around disaster risk reduction, sporting events and private functions like weddings and parties.

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