October 24, 2018
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Our Country is sure to face another disaster V. Anandasangaree,

Jan 11, 2017 0

Hon. Ranil Wickramasinge,

Prime Minister


My dear Prime Minister,

                                      Our Country is sure to face another disastersangari_a1

No one knows as to where the country is heading to, in the name of National Government. No one takes me seriously when I say something, based on my Sixty years of experience in politics. But I am positively sure that our country is heading towards another disaster.

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Drone journalism in Sri Lanka: Ethics, regulations and guidelines

Jan 10, 2017 0

camera-aThe use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) more commonly referred to as drones for commercial and private use has grown exponentially recently, and especially as restrictions around airspace have been relaxed after the end of the war. The Ministry is aware of footage taken by drones, by citizens as well as tourists visiting Sri Lanka, widely available across social media as online video platforms. We recognise that many events today in their promotional material or live coverage feature the use of drones, and we also note their use in health applications,precision agriculture practices (smart farming), the coverage of public rallies, the aftermath of natural disasters, around disaster risk reduction, sporting events and private functions like weddings and parties.

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Pillaiyan further remanded

Jan 10, 2017 0


The TMVP party leader and former Eastern Provincial Councilor
Sivanesadurai Chandrakanthan  including four suspects involved in the
murder of Batticaloa District T N A parliamentarian late Joseph
Pararajasingam have been further  remanded till 23rd  January 2017.

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