March 18, 2018
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Jan 16, 2016 0

my-3Amid widespread protests by Tamils, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena cancelled his scheduled visit to Tamil areas to celebrate an annual Hindu festival of Thai Pongal on January 15th.

Elaborate arrangements were made to organize this festival, but at the last minute Sri Lankan President cancelled his visit and instead sent his Prime Minister Ranil Wikramasinghe. Visiting British Foreign Minister Hugo Swire, and several diplomats also joined this festival.

Tamils were protesting for not giving equal rights in the current Constitution, including special rights given to Buddhism, which is the only State religion in Sri Lanka. There are calls to give equal rights to all religions and to remove special status given to Buddhism in the new Constitution.

Protests are also held to highlight the failure of the Sri Lankan Government – even after one year in power – to address the plight of thousands of Tamils who disappeared, continued imprisonment of Tamil political prisoners and overwhelming presence of Sri Lankan military in Tamil areas

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Jan 8, 2016 0


The Attorney General (AG) has directed the Police Colombo Crimes Division to arrest UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra in connection with the alleged abduction of a youth in Dematagoda.

Authoritative sources from the Attorney General’s Department told the Daily News that the Attorney General instructed the Police to arrest the Parliamentarian on Thursday night.

“There was sufficient evidence to suggest the MP’s involvement in the incident. In addition to the statements recorded from witnesses and suspects,

the AG department also took into consideration scientific evidence such as telephone records of the suspects,” a highly placed source from the Department said.

The source added that the CCD probing into the matter would make the arrest early next week, based on the AG’s department’s recommendation.

The Police, two weeks ago, sought the AG’s Department opinion on the arrest of Premachandra over Amila Priyankara’s alleged abduction.

The investigation into the alleged abduction took a new turn last week with a statement given by the daughter of the supporter who was at the venue at the time of the abduction. The statement was forwarded to the AG’s Department by the team handling investigations.

According to the Police, the 11-year-old girl who is the daughter of the fifth suspect in the case had said she met Hirunika Premachandra before as well as after the abduction.

The girl who was at the scene at the time of the incident, can be seen in the CCTV video standing by her father, while the abductee is being forcibly hurled out of the drapery store in Dematagoda.

The Colombo Crimes Division, last Friday, informed Court of the girl’s statement, which concurred with Amila Priyankara’s version that he was taken to the office of the MP before being threatened and released.

Last week, the AG’s Department requested for CCTV footage of the press briefing where Premachandra detailed the incident, citing that she was merely trying to settle a domestic dispute.

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The worst effect of final war in Srilanka! A mother of one met sudden death.

Jan 6, 2016 0


Kengeswaran Theepa, a mother of one child suddenly died of weakened heart disease in Mulliyawalai of Mullaitivu district. She is 35 years. Mulliyawalai is the area where the final war was held in 2009. More local people from this area effect from the worst bloody war.

Husband of this woman has immigrated in Australiya the reason of the worst situation in Srilanka. Mrs.Theepa saw the destruction and the massacres of Tamils in Mullaitivu during the end of war. Due to that reason she is affected by heart disease. Her husband migration also affected her. Mulliyawalai villagers are very sad of Theepa’s death. Like Theepa many people in Mullaitivu district meet sudden death the reason of the worst war effect. But this fact doesn’t reach the world.

Today many Tamils live with mentally affection due to the war. They face many problems because of they are unable to heal their mental traumas.
Tamil people in North and East live with mental traumas. Because of they have lost their loved ones, children, husbands and parents during the long decade civil war.

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We like to build up our faculty as a ragging free faculty – Dean of Faculty Dr.K.T.Suntharesan

Jan 6, 2016 0



Dr.K.T.Sunthresan, Dean, Faculty of Health-care Sciences announced that seven billion Srilankan rupee has been reserved for constructing Faculty of Health-care Sciences of Eastern University in Pillaiyarady.
The welcome party for new students of Faculty of Health-care Sciences of Eastern University was held in Arasady, Batticaloa on Monday.

Dr.K.T.Suntharesan delivered a speech in this occasion.

He said that over 1000 doctors get graduation from Srilankan universities every year. “Our students also come to top ranks. According to the assessment our faculty students come to 5th to 10th ranks” Dean Dr.K.T.Suntharesan further mentioned.

“We like to build up a faculty free from ragging. To achieve this goal there would not show any tolerance. The severe actions would be taken against the students who involve in ragging others. The discipline of our faculty students is better than others” he said.



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Policy wise I don’t agree with Tamil People’s Council – Dayan Jeyatilleka

Jan 6, 2016 0

dayanjayathilakasa-aFormer UN representative of Srilanka Dayan Jeyatilleka said that he doesn’t agree with the policy of Tamil People’s Council. “Creating new political councils in North of Srilanka is an emergence of political plurality. But I differ from Tamil People’s Council on its policy. At the same time the creation of this council is to be welcomed matter” Mr.Dayan Jeyatilleka further mentioned.

He stressed  “I don’t agree with TPC on policy level. There were more opportunities to the Tamil politicians such as Northern Chief Minister, Suresh Premachandran and Gajendrakumar. But they have failed to utilize these opportunities”

Srilankan diplomat Dayan Jeyatilleka insisted that however, creating new councils would give advantages to Tamils. It is needy that leftist communists should restart their activities in North.

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Tamil People’s Council should be dissolved immediately – Thurairajasingham

Jan 6, 2016 0


Eastern province Agriculture Minister and general secretary of Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) Mr.Kirishnapillai Thurairajasigham said that newly established Tamil People’s Council would be an obstacle in order to implement federal constitutional reform which was mandated by Tamil National Alliance to find a solution for the ethnic problem of Tamils.

He further mentioned that Tamil People’s Council should be dissolved without any delay and its members should join and work with TNA. TNA got people’s mandate for a federal constitutional reform during last elections. Minster stressed that meanwhile Tamil People’s Council is trying to draw a constitution without getting mandate from Tamil people.



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