March 17, 2018
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Food Promotion Programme in Welikanda

Mar 23, 2016 0

food-aDepartment of Agriculture and the Army have jointly launched a crop cultivation project in Welikanda. It is being implemented under the National Food Crops Promotional Programme with a cost of Rs.23 million.

The National Food Promotional Programme is implemented on a concept of President Maithripala Sirisena. The Crop Cultivation Project was launched at a 50 acre plot of land at Kaandakaduwa Farm in Welikanda.

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No bail for Pillayan, remanded until April 6

Mar 23, 2016 0

pillaiyan-aFormer Eastern Province Chief Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan, who was arrested in connection with the murder of ex-MP Joseph Pararajasingham, has been further remanded until April 6.

The suspect was further remanded after being produced before the Batticaloa Magistrate today, Ada Derana reporter said.

Pillayan was arrested on October 11, 2015 when he arrived at the CID to give a statement in connection with the assassination of the late Tamil politician, who was shot dead on Christmas Eve in 2005.

A gunman opened fire on TNA MP Pararajasingham after he received communion at St Mary’s church in Batticaloa, killing him and injuring eight others including his wife.

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Sri Lankan Tamil refugee’s family released

Mar 23, 2016 0

indiyan-aIn a late-evening development on Tuesday, the State government ordered the release of Sri Lankan Tamil refugee K. Dhayabararaj’s family from the special quarantine detention camp at Mandapam in Ramanathapuram district, accordng to The Hindu newspaper.  As the indefinite fast of the family demanding release entered the sixth day, the authorities released Udayakala and her three children amid allegations that their detention was unlawful, police sources said. Dhayabararaj, who is held at the Tiruchi special camp, had alleged that his family was being illegally detained in the special quarantine camp that lacked basic amenities. He claimed that the health condition of his wife who required an emergency surgery was declining. Since no dole (financial aid of Rs. 100 per day) was paid, his family had to starve for several days. On Thursday, they decided to launch a fast-unto-death agitation demanding justice. “On release, a local church pastor agreed to give them food and shelter. My wife is in a state of shock…she was under treatment for depression for sometime. The authorities have to explain why my family was detained in the quarantine camp for so long without any assistance,” Mr. Dhayabararaj told The Hindu on Tuesday. He said the family was arrested on arrival by boat in 2014. After being convicted in the Passport Act case, the family served a one year sentence. “We were detained again in special camps. I was separated from my wife and children and lodged at the Tiruchi special camp. There is no case against us. In the last six months, I sent several petitions to the Home Secretary seeking my release but there was no response,” he said –

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If You Eat 2 Bananas A Day… THIS Is What Happens To Your Body!

Feb 3, 2016 0


It feels like almost every day there’s a new hot diet that everyone is talking about. But at the end of the day, I think we can all agree that if we want maintain our health, we should aim to minimize the amount of artificial and processed foods that we eat. Yes, I crave my delicious junk food too but mother nature does a great job of providing us with plenty of yummy, delicious treats! Take, for instance, the humble banana. The choice food of monkeys and minions, this fruit is packed full of good stuff, including vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re super easy to find at any grocery store and they’re very affordable! Check out some of banana’s amazing health benefits. And don’t miss the Top 10 video below!

Blood Pressure
High blood pressure? Bananas are low in sodium but high in potassium, making them a great food for your blood pressure and heart health!

How’s your, uh…. movement? If it can use a little assistance, the fiber in bananas can do the trick!

Bananas are full of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates, making them a great source of quick energy. This makes them perfect before you exercise! And as an added bonus, the potassium will help to prevent muscle cramps.

If you suffer from heartburn, then you’ll be happy to learn that bananas (preferably unripe) have natural antacids.

Need iron? Banana can help with that, stimulating red blood cell and hemoglobin production.

Did you know bananas have tryptophan? Our body converts this into serotonin, which helps us relax and feel happy. No wonder the minions love bananas so much…


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Yoshitha Rajapaksa arrested by FCID

Jan 30, 2016 0


Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son, Lieutenant Yoshitha Rajapaksa, has been arrested by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) and is expected to be produced at the Kaduwela’s Magistrate’s Court.

He was arrested following questioning carried out by the FCID earlier today at the Sri Lanka Navy Headquarters in Colombo, the navy spokesman said.

Yoshitha Rajapaksa was summoned to give a statement regarding financial irregularities at the Carlton Sports Network (CSN), a private company allegedly linked to him.

Meanwhile CSN chairman Rohan Weliwita, former CEO Nishantha Ranatunga and another individual have also been arrested by the FCID in connection with the case.

Weliwita, who is former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s media coordinating secretary, was also taken in for questioning by the FCID this morning.

He was questioned regarding alleged financial irregularities at the television channel.


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Jan 29, 2016 0


International media reports that Australian counter-terrorism police has raided two houses in Melbourne belong to ex-wives of the Sri Lankan-born Australian national who appeared in a Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda video.

Forty one-year-old, Sri Lankan-born Mohomed Unais Mohomen Ameen who had fled to Syria in 2014, is reported to be working for the IS as a physiotherapist.

In the video, Ameen has been urging Australians and other foreign to offer their services to IS’s health service in Syria.

In the video, Ameen calls for sympathizers all over the world saying, “We have staff from many other countries, physiotherapy doctors from Russia, physiotherapy doctors from Sham, physiotherapy doctors from Australia, from Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and that a few countries to be named. I would like to take this opportunity, call my brothers and sisters who have the medical background, medical knowledge, who are qualified or semi-qualified- we need the brothers and sisters to come and help us from all around the world.”

However, the Australian Federal Police that denied providing details on the raid confirmed that there was no immediate danger to the community.

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Swiss President offers support for reconciliation, economic development

Jan 25, 2016 0

ranil swiss-a

Swiss Confederation President Johann Schneider-Ammann while applauding the initiatives taken by the new Sri Lankan government to promote reconciliation, ensure democracy, and strengthen political stability and economic development has promised that his government will support further boost such efforts.

The Swiss President noted this during bilateral discussions with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

President Schneider-Ammann told Premier Wickremesinghe that his government expects to work closely to further enhance bilateral ties with Sri Lanka.

The two leaders also discussed the current challenges faced by European countries. They also discussed about opportunities for Swiss investors in Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also met a number of world leaders as well as leaders of top global businesses organisations, including heads of Microsoft and Virgin Group on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe held discussions with Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson.

During discussions with the Prime Minster, Branson said he is willing to invest in the country with the prevailing peaceful environment.

Branson said he expects to visit Sri Lanka shortly to discuss matters about investment opportunities.

He had shown a special interest in investing in avenues related to the tourism industry. Meanwhile, during a meeting with Indian industrial leaders and investors in Davos, the Prime Minister had said that authorities have identified four major avenues where Indian investors could play a major role.

The Premier said Indian investors could use the opportunities arising out of the port city project, Colombo harbour expansion project, Trincomalee port development project and the proposed economic corridor between Andra Pradesh and Sri Lanka.

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Jan 22, 2016 0


so-called Islamic State (IS) is over, the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls has told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The measures were introduced after the IS-led Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 and then extended for three-months. Such a move gives Police more power to conduct raids and impose house arrests.

Prime Minister Valls also warned that Europe’s migration crisis was now putting the European Union (EU) itself at grave risk


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The New Constitution will not change the unitary nature of the country: PM

Jan 17, 2016 0


Making a statement regarding the formation of the new Constitution in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today stated that the new Constitution would not change the unitary nature of the country. He further added that some were alleging that the foremost place given to Buddhism and the unitary nature of the Constitution are being negated, he stated and that this was not true.

Moreover the Prime Minister stated that such comments were being made by parties that wanted to use this opportunity to create fear or mistrust among the people for political reasons.

Stating that “We are ready for amendments” the Prime Minister Wickremesinghe further added that while the United National Party (UNP) had no amendments to the proposal, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) had submitted several amendments. He added that after discussing it with other parties, these amendments can be processed in the Constitutional Assembly.

He added that this was the first time social media was used to get the opinion of the people and that everyone can express their opinions and suggestions regarding the formation of the new Constitution.  The new Constitution will be created to meet the hopes of the people, he stated.


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